Veteran’s Day 2016

BBC Kids say Thank You!
BBC Kids say Thank You!
The Veteran’s Day Parade in Las Vegas is the largest West of the Mississippi. The day was perfect – clear blue sky and sunshine. Sixteen of us from Bible Baptist, five Moms and 11 kids ages 15 months to 20 years made the trek once again to say THANK YOU! to our Veterans. We hold signs, applaud and yell our appreciation. We’ve been attending this parade for ten years – it’s part of being American and FREE. Tears well in my eyes knowing these Veterans often want for needed medical care and the true honor they deserve. I pray our annual effort might say enough to lift their spirit in some dark, discouraging time. They’ve seen and experienced losses I know nothing about. Many of their lives changed completely because they served. They have fought for a cause we called them to. Their lives were on the line hour by hour. Death and destruction were part of their daily life. Then they returned to a nation they barely recognized because of foolish, empty pursuits and complaints over minor issues. If I see a Veteran anywhere at anytime, I thank them sincerely for their service.
It seems so inadequate but it’s something more than nothing.

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