Winter to Spring

After a wonderful year in Washington, D.C. resting, studying, praying for our nation, seeing sights, welcoming many guests, being a blessing anywhere and especially to GraceWay Baptist Church, I returned home September 3rd.

My lovely parsonage home needed quite a bit of love and attention and so did Fender, my cat….he’s d’ fender of da property! I painted, got rid of and bought new.
I now have lots of comfy seating and a very welcoming common area. Since then I have enjoyed over 20 guests of various ages and stays. I call myself the keeper of the BBC Bed & Breakfast. How blessed I am to use my best gift – hospitality and live on our church property where God is still greatly at work!

In between guests, holidays, missions, Gipp and Spurgeon conferences, I have traveled to Idaho, Utah, California, Arizona and most recently Hawaii. Many of
you knew I was going so this is your update on how it was.

May I say it is as beautiful as any and all pictures you have ever seen. I took Miss Ashley Sabino, our 20 year old, lovely pianist with me as my travelling companion because it was the one place in the world she stated clearly she wanted to visit. (It can be hard to get her to say much.) I had never been before and actually never wanted to go until…

One of the Marines from D.C. transferred to Marine Corps Base Hawaii last fall and I went to check on him. He’s doing super in the faith, endeavoring to be a light and channel of the gospel to his buddies. He has attends Huikala Baptist Church in Honolulu.

Also, friends that Pete and I made on our 17 day cruise around Australia in 2008 were ending this year’s annual cruise with three days in Honolulu. Paul and Mary Anne Meiers, passion fruit farmers from Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia were delighted to meet up with Ashley, me and my Marine for sightseeing, snorkeling and enjoying the beach. We attended a traditional luau together, too. After saying goodbye to these three,Ashley and I flew to Kailua Kona on the Island of Hawaii.
This is where we came to see a new sister church started by Spencer and Sarah Baker. It’s called Big Island Baptist Church. Spencer’s brother Jason and his family have also moved there to help. These are all good friends of Pastor Mitch and Erin Serviss, my son-in-law and daughter here at BBC. It was so neat to see this work first hand. Lives are being changed for God’s glory because these precious servants have come to share the gospel and invest their lives and energies.

In summary, Ashley and I had a grand time. We visited Pearl Harbor, the Arizona and the Missouri. We drove to many historic sights, Pali Lookout, the Castle, Diamond Head, the Punchbowl (Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific), the Dole Pineapple Plantation and just sights that were spectacular. We snorkeled at a couple of places including Hanauma Bay. Seeing what’s under the water is amazing!

The colors of the water, vegetation, rocks, mountains, sky is just indescribable really…guess that’s why we take pictures! And we took a ton of pics. Now, what to do with them all???? We stayed in lovely hotels and ate scrumptiously. The beaches on Oahu are lovely, sandy places. There are fewer beaches on the Big Island but this island has lava everywhere especially along the coast. The white sea waves crash against them making a lovely contrast. We saw large sea turtles and dramatic sunsets. We visited the Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park. The Kilauea Caldera is more active right now and so is the part that runs into the sea. That part was impossible for us to see first hand. They said it’s better to see that from the Hilo side. In Honolulu we stayed at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort and in Kailua Kona at the Sheraton Kona Resort & Spa at Keauhou Bay.

It was a huge splurge but worth all of it to see my friends and enjoy ocean vistas and warm sunny days. We came home late on March 28th to a cold snap and some days later a wind storm that took down trees in our area (not ours) and our huge play set in the church courtyard. I’m sure the heat will arrive and not leave again till fall, but this break has been pleasant.

I always hope to be well but I have had some struggles over these past few months.
Things I am looking into. My heart is strong and healthy and most days I feel super, but sometimes a little shaky and tired. I am still working with my clients and new clients helping with their Medicare. I am not overloaded with duties for which I thank the Lord….oh, I forgot about this….I turned 69 in March. Since I don’t like odd years, I am saying I am in my 70th year. Perhaps that accounts for some of what I am experiencing…??? Thank you for reading, I hope it was a blessing!

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