Summer & Camp

Two very important aspects of Bible Baptist Church in Las Vegas happen in the hottest possible months. The first is managing and manning four TNT Fireworks booths from June 28th to midnight July 4th. Such booths in Clark County Nevada are all for Non-profits. We raise money for Camp and Teen Ministry via these booths. It takes all of our able bodied to sit in the heat and be available about 14 hours daily. Even those who cannot be out will come by for breaks, or bring watermelon, ice cream treats or other goodies to keep the team going. Without this effort, we could not provide Camp at a bargain price. We also invite kids to our camp from families we don’t know, except for what they see in our group as we help them get what they want to celebrate our country’s wonderful Independence.

The second aspect is escaping from the heat by traveling into Utah, driving through Zion National Park’s east gate and arriving at a beautiful place called Clear Creek Ranch. This is where we set up annual Camp and enjoy five full days of great food, great fun – both the wet and dry kind, super lessons from God’s Word and the best most relaxed fellowship of the year in God’s creation. This is where lives are quieted and changed because we left the city behind. This year’s theme was RESTORATION. The idea that we are quite dilapidated and ugly before the we call upon God’s Son to save us then He makes the best RESTORATIONS!

Sweetest part for me this year was an amazing team in the kitchen AND nine of my grandchildren were there to learn about the trail God wants them to get on and stay on in their lives. Do you need RESTORATION? Ask Jesus Christ to save you, you will love His results.

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