Cancer & The Great Adventure

No one rejoices to hear the words “You have breast cancer.” Yet many of us have heard those words and began an unfamiliar trail. My diagnosis has given me a new set of circumstances in which to trust God and bring Him glory and honor. From June 2nd, 2017 thru one week into July, I submitted myself to disciplined eating of healthy food, fasting and supplements that removed toxins and built me up at the cellular level. I lost 17 very sticky pounds gained on two cruises and felt great. I also felt a lump. That follow up mammogram my Kaiser doctor in DC had left me a message about last March became a priority! Turns out that lump was my champion lymph node fighting a small bit of cancer behind it. A biopsy revealed cancer cells in this node. More tests showed cancer in two smaller places. Skipping to the main points, I saw an oncologist in Dec who reminded me of all the reasons I would never consider chemo therapy. But there are treatments I believe help. I found them all at the Immunity Therapy Center in Tijuana where I went for 3 weeks in January. The cancer may be dead or nearly so but my lump is still there. A local surgeon is considering a lumpectomy. If that’s a go…it will be Gone.
If you are one of those precious saints that is praying for me, THANK YOU! If you are not already on my prayer list and want or need to be, please see my Prayer Request page and I will happily add you. Lastly, I am not physically showing any signs of the battle going on inside. I am feeling great, perhaps better than most of 2017. (There have been other little health issues but they have all gone away!) UPDATE AS OF MAR 14 2018: Saw the surgeon and he did not see the value of a lump removal-only complete removal of breast. Hence, I am going to carry on as I have – eating the best things for my immune system and avoiding things cancer needs to exist. I am feeling strong and determined. They said it was aggressive but the lump I can feel has not really grown much in six months, only a couple of centimeters. The second spot has not grown at all, and a third spot can’t be found on recent test. In six months another scan might be wise. Meanwhile I have turned 70! And in May headed for a cruise to the Eastern Caribbean and two weeks rest and enjoyment in Florida with two of my daughters, their hubbies and six grand kids! They are treating me to this, my 2nd trip of a lifetime! Thank you for your prayers!

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