News that’s good to hear…

Oh my, what an education I have gotten since I first learned I had breast cancer. That news was delivered to me the morning before I spoke at Pastor’s school in Boise, August 22, 2017. My heart rests in the knowledge that I’m in God’s keeping and nothing comes to me without His permission and He will provide all it will take to glorify Him no matter what. Along the way I avoided Chemotherapy, took three wonderful trips with my daughters and grand kids, followed the advice of a precious breast cancer survivor who went the chemo, surgery and radiation route. (She is totally into the treatments that work naturally now.) Dr Paul Burnham in Diamond Bar Calif got me started on getting rid of toxins and building my immune system through correct alignment, exercise and supplements. Last January, I went to the Immunity Therapy Clinic in Tijuana for three weeks and learned even more about treatments that really work. Four months later I met the right surgeon, he took out the cancer, removed ten lymph nodes. Only one had cancer cells in it! In all these nine month the cancer had not grown or gone elsewhere. I am healing well and will soon talk to a Radiology Oncologist to see if that would a final action. I’ve learned how much we can do to keep cancer from rearing it’s ugly head; diet, exercise, strengthening our immune system, avoiding things cancer loves like sugar, easy carbs, lazy bodies. Lastly, many friends, brothers and sisters in the Lord, clients and others have asked our Great God to work in me So, the God of the Bible, who I trust and love totally has been gracious to give me more time and health to serve and shine for Him. Even if the answer was not this one, I would have shone for Him through it all. I have friends who are doing just that. May you, dear reader consider letting God have His way in you. The safest place in all of life is near His heart. “It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man.” Psalm 118:8

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