Sailing along….

Thank you to all my cheering/praying friends. I am 16 days into my Radiation therapy with only 20 more to go. The hard part is holding a bum arm a certain way for at least 15 minutes. I lay with my eyes closed and my neck turned to my left, picturing travels, moments with family and friends, Pete and great times together…then I start to hurt so much I can’t think of anything. I go into it praying and strongly praying while I am there. Since I do believe God is extending His grace to me, I wonder how very gravely I would hurt if it wasn’t covered by our prayers.
THANK YOU so much. This is the ONLY suffering I have really had in my entire life. But, I frequently endeavor to pray for those around the world in all types of suffering states, asking God to save and minister to them in their need. I am not complaining about me…only just updating you on how it is going. Other than this many good things are happening…I have passed all my tests to be a super helper with Medicare for 2019. I have had special guests in the Parsonage, Bro Cliff and Linda Taylor, Dr Wm P. Grady, and now a blind friend from Circle of Love Bible Camp last May. He is here to see if the Lord would have him move to Las Vegas. Everyone I know out here is patiently waiting for the weather to cool and Fall to begin.

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