Mid January 2019

You might have thought I fell out or off or something since that over-sized kidney stone and no news. Truth is, I have just been wonderfully busy. Since my cancer is gone and only have the stone issue, I packed up my Highlander with everything a Gramma might need for eight months …toothbrush, make-up, sewing machine, fishing pole, blanket and pillows. December 14th headed North on I-15. Stopped for a day in St George, Utah where I visited with my #1 daughter – Annette and hubby, Charlie. Saw my first Granddaughter all grown up and her three kids – my only great-grandchildren. Then continued on through snowy Eastern Idaho safely arriving in time for dinner in Eagle just outside Boise. There I have a daughter, Amber Joy, her amazing husband and two grand kids, Aiden and Anna. I’ve promised them four months of unwavering enjoyment. So far we are off to a great start! My procedure for the stone – ESL (Extracorporeal Shockwave Lithotripsy) is scheduled for the 28th. The medical and dental care has been excellent! In late April I will drive across America the Beautiful to Ft. Washington, Maryland to be with another daughter from May to end of August, then home to Las Vegas through December. Hope to do this luxurious, loving travel till I “get the Dear John letter from the DMV” as Papa McKenzie once said. I hope to see and stay with friends and family along the way. It’s my fervent desire be a blessing and not a burden. Of course, I am always on duty for my Saviour and encouraging others to genuine faith in Him. He is my All in All and the Author of all my adventures. I thank Him daily for His gracious, good care of me.

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