Arrived Friday April 26th!

I am so pleased to say that the Lord kept me safe and well cared for all 3,000 miles from Idaho to Maryland. Great visits with dear friends. Sunshine & rain, spring blossoms and greenery popping out all along the way. We have an amazing country! So many were praying for me as I enjoyed the drive…just me and our Great God!

My suite in the Lundberg home is very nice with a private bath and a sitting room! I don’t plan to do much sitting here though, walking with the neighbors & April, Runners Club on Wednesday eves with GraceWay, seeing the sights with my granddaughters, Lucy & Alice, prayer on Saturdays at 7 PM on the steps of the US Supreme Court. My family loves their life here especially because of Pastor & Deborah Wells and GraceWay DC. I am thrilled to be back seeing what God is doing with this church so close to our nation’s capital. Brethren, let’s pray and trust that God is working His will through all that goes on here.

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