Happily Home!

I arrived home about 8:30 PM Friday, September 6th. What a grand 12,500 mile, eight and a half month trip! Thank you for praying! I was never in an accident or even saw one happen! Many have wondered at my being alone but I was not really alone. My Saviour whom I love, was my guide, safe keeping, comforter and joy the entire time. Seeing His creation, connecting with friends, family and fellow servants in Idaho and Maryland, crossing the north Central states with special trips to the Northwest, Northeast and the Southern states was a joy. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer that big question mark hung over my future. I was caught up in doctor visits and treatments, then as I was regaining strength, experienced a huge kidney stone adventure! How thankful I am to enjoy such a trip before anything else creeps up on me! Today I am feeling fully well and ready to assist with Medicare decisions for 2020!

Headed home to Las Vegas