Life has quieted…

It’s February 2020 and I’m feeling settled and happy in Las Vegas. That urging to get on the road is gone. Almost everyday is mine to use prayerfully, seeking to honor God and bring His encouragement to all I meet. I looked forward to these days for the many years that were always full of responsibility. My health and energy are good. Helping clients with Medicare is joyous. I love and appreciate living in the parsonage at Bible Baptist Church. This is where blessings abound! Currently I have a delightful family with me who’ve come from Treasure Valley Baptist Church in Idaho to serve with our leadership.

Events on the calendar include: A Spring Bible Conference with Evangelist, Ben Smoker April 19-22. Annual church camp July 27-31 in Prescott, Arizona. A Fall Bible Conference with Evangelist & Author, Dr Bill Grady, September 14-18. And BBC’s 55th anniversary will be celebrated October 17th & 18th. Sounds exciting doesn’t it? Come join us if you can!

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