Time to Fly!

Not driving but flying to DC on Tuesday March 10th returning to Las Vegas on the 24th. My family, the Lundbergs are helping me celebrate my 72nd birthday! In addition to the unknown, secret surprises my family has planned, I’ll be attending church at GraceWay DC on Thursdays at 6:30 PM also Sundays at 10 & 11 AM. My friend Pastor Brad Wells does an outstanding job of teaching from the Bible, the music is exceptional and so are my many friends who worship there. Saturdays at 7 PM there’s prayer & singing on the steps of the Supreme Court. I will also attend my LoneStar Toastmasters meetings at 7 PM on Wednesday the 11th and I’m one of those giving a speech on the 18th. Both GraceWay DC and the LoneStars hold their meetings at Hill Center, the Old Naval Hospital, a vibrant, historic place that I totally relish! On the 25th of March, I will fly to Boise for a very special young couple’s wedding returning home on the 31st. I think by then I will be glad to be back at my desk and settled in Las Vegas! Cheering for you!