What have we learned…?

Things are finally, albeit slowly, opening up here in Nevada. Yet not as they were before and likely, never will be again. Imagine no buffets in our town known for some of the best in the world. COVID19 has certainly shown us what is important and what we can live without. If the hum of life as you knew it was a comfort, you might never really feel comforted again.

In my life, the comfort I have is given by the living God and the book he told holy men of old to write. In that book we call the Bible, God tells us just how unrighteous humans can be when they are in charge without restraint. Across the country we have been privileged to see power grabbing at an alarming rate. If it were not for our founding fathers’ declaration that we are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights, (life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness) it could have been the end of the America we know and love.

In our vulnerability due to the shutdown of our economy, the emotional toll of illness, isolation, death and fear, we are being attacked by anarchists showing all the world their hate for our nation. How thankful we need to be for a bold, clear speaking President and leaders across the country who stay faithful to our constitution, laws and moral principles. Freedom of speech should never have been protected when it included violence, looting, and property damage. Not sure what happened to penalties for treason, or even charging someone with treason. So much of it has happened in the last few decades.

So, again, what have we learned? There is NO hope of PEACE or RIGHTEOUSNESS without God. Get your King James Bible out and read about His sacrifice for our sin. God’s only begotten Son, Jesus Christ dying on a cruel cross for crimes WE committed…not Him, he never once broke ANY of God’s laws. His blood was shed to pay the price WE should have payed. He was buried, and then wonderfully resurrected! He did this in order to have loving, active, unbreakable relationships with his created beings, YOU and ME! He IS LOVE and RIGHTEOUSNESS. He has satisfying, joyous plans for us. He uses very effective and unique tools to teach us and carve us into people WE can be proud of and He can bless. His tools include studying the Bible, lessons learned through pain, suffering and everyday life. Taking time to gather regularly for worship and the preaching of His Scriptures. To stand united as Christians for the sake of getting the Gospel to others here and around the world. . These may not sound inviting to some because their lives are crammed with so much that doesn’t satisfy. Take it from one who wanted to be where the action in life was happening.

I found it in New York, Chicago, Denver, and Phoenix. It gave me many regrets, emotional pain and no lasting happiness. When I cried out to God, he lifted me from the miry clay of my own choices and placed me on a solid, loving ROCK, the Saviour of the World, the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the answer for ALL that is going on these days. In Him I want to learn the lessons I need. I don’t want any regrets when He brings the curtain down on this old world and calls me home to Heaven. If you aren’t ready, take time to consider what I’ve said. If you need to communicate with me, go to Your Prayer Requests via the Menu. I care and I will respond!

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