Are you confused?

It is somewhat difficult to tell what is really going on in our nation over many things. But let’s zero in on just Covid19. Recommendations by CDC don’t agree with non-political experts and doctors. Why is that? In Nevada we all are supposed to be wearing masks if we are accessing a business or services. Yet the wearing of masks is anti-social and many are missing out on the smiles or kind words of strangers we pass each day because, well, we can’t see the ‘who’ in the mask very well. Having conversations is even a bit harder. Just the sadness of this is sapping life from us. It is a mystery as to why we get to go into restaurants which are now nearly back to capacity but the poor staff is wearing masks and the guests get to remove theirs? We are not supposed to go to work or go out if we are not well so can’t we safely assume most are well? Another issue is that we try faithfully to wash our hands when we are out, say, at the mall or grocery store but many times the water is just a trickle, not warm enough to kill any germs and the soap is out. What good is that?

Covid19 got me in late January. My one symptom was a more than usual runny nose (I have constant allergies). Since nearly every symptom could be the feared virus you needed a test to verify positive or negative. I received the anti-body treatment (Did you know that even existed?)

My healthy, sons-in-law both suffered more with it and needed time and careful attention by their doctors to get them back to their wonderful selves. It was good they were not in Nevada because our governor did not allow Covid19 patients to be treated with hydroxychloroquine which helped them recover. (There is a saying that seemed to really apply to some leaders across the nation, “Give some people and inch and they think they’re a ruler.”)

Now it’s mid-May, 2021 and I am thankful that airports are filling up with travelers and airlines are taking us where we want to go! Last week I visited friends in Portland, ME, Glen, NH, Victor, and Batavia NY and at BWI airport! My family in Fort Washington, MD drove up to spend 20 precious minutes together between my flights. Seeing each other in person was so sweet. Soon I’ll fly to Boise, ID to be with a daughter and her family for five days. Glory! Makes me think of too many locked into their care facilities, not having seen their loved ones in person for over a year.

Early June, I’m taking my 14 year old grandson on a 15 day camping trip. We’ll hit open campgrounds winding north through Nevada, Utah, Idaho and arrive at Kalispell, MT just outside beautiful Glacier National Park. (Yes friends, your State and National Parks have been opening up some with limitations. Check online to see what those are but if at all possible let’s see and do what we can!) Five great days there seeing dear friends and one of our favorite evangelists, Dave Spurgeon, former Outlaw Biker. Then we’ll meander into Northern Idaho, Washington, back into Nevada and home. Wish you could tag along? Sorry, it’s my grandson’s turn to have me all to himself. I try to make memories with my amazing grandkids that are theirs alone. They will never forget this Gramma!

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  1. Thank you Ms Ginny for inspiring us to think about what is going on and to get out and see what we can! Safe traveling!

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