About me

20150804_130157Welcome to my Perfect Day corner of the world!

This is your quiet retreat from a busy life. Here I want you to find purpose and encouragement, a prayer partner and stories from my heart and life that increase your faith and courage for God’s purposes in your heart and life!

I’m in my 69th year of life on earth. I’ve learned some lessons, many of them the “hard but unforgettable” way…experience. Most from the wisdom gained from God’s word and the “proof” of that wisdom observed in the lives of others.

In my 28th year ‘I found’ the LORD JESUS CHRIST. He was looking for me the whole time, but I had to get low enough to want to look up in his direction. Life IN CHRIST is rich in…forgiveness, new starts, joy despite hard life circumstances, comfort for wounds only He knows the full extent of, blessings and care beyond understanding, peace in turbulent times. He is my EVERYTHING! I wish I had known Him as a young person, but I am ever so thankful I know HIM now and have for 41 years. Enjoy your visit with me here at PerfectDay!