bigstock_Teenage_Girl_In_Trouble_With_P_4356599 Welcome Teens!
You are at such a special and tender point in your lives. One of the most important things for you to be doing at this time is USING YOUR BRAIN. You may have heard how hard it is to be a teen, your parents have heard how hard it is to raise a teen. BUT it doesn’t have to be hard. It can be a GREAT TIME. It mainly depends on YOU.

This is a time of transition: the process or a period of changing from one state or condition[being a youth] to another[becoming an adult].

Since you’ve come to my Perfect Day website, you are most likely a boy or girl who is “saved.” You have at some time in your life realized you were a big time sinner and you called on the Lord Jesus Christ to forgive you. That changed your eternal destination from Hell to Heaven. Awesome!!! That was a good beginning…but there can be so much more to life In Christ.

God didn’t save you so you could be the BOSS. He saved you so your life could GLORIFY HIM. If you let Him have His way in your heart, your plans, your desires, he will lead you on a satisfying trail right through your teen years. If you do what YOU WANT during these teen years, He won’t be able to work in the glorious way He wants and you will be most miserable. That’s because his Holy Spirit lives in you and every time you do wrong, listen to bad advice, make your foolish choices, hang with ungodly friends, you will feel worse and the Holy Spirit will be grieved. (“And grieve not the holy Spirit of God, whereby ye are sealed unto the day of redemption.” Ephesians 4:30) The choice is YOURS.

That Holy Spirit has fruit for you, “JOY, PEACE, LONGSUFFERING, GENTLENESS, GOODNESS, FAITH, MEEKNESS, TEMPERANCE: against such there is no law.” Galatians 5:22 If works of the flesh show up in your attitude, demeanor or actions such as: anger, strife, envy, fighting, being argumentative, these are clues YOU ARE BEING THE BOSS in that situation. STOP right away and get alone with God, tell Him you are sorry and ask Him to take over. Stay in prayer until you know He has taken over, then go out and simply apologize. Be willing to listen, redo the job, speak respectfully and honestly. Whatever it was will go much better now that you got it right. I understand that parents don’t always do right, but you are not accountable for them. Do right no matter what and watch your ‘Dad’ in Heaven take you into adult life with blessing and provision beyond anything you imagined.

This time of transition includes physical changes that can leave you awkward and embarrassed, clumsy and self conscious. The more you move playing sports or being active at home, the sooner you will adjust. Every adult around you has gone through the same stuff so they understand. Hormonal changes also have an embarrassing effect on your emotionally. You may feel great one day and way low down the next. Maybe tears or anger seem to be just under the surface. The pressures of school work, helping with the family and things around the house seem to make you irritable. More is expected of you and maybe you don’t feel ready. This is the time to really draw near to the Lord. He created you and he knows all the strange and troubling things you are going through. Your Bible can help you get and stay anchored in right thinking. You are maturing and that is a process. It doesn’t happen quickly …not quick enough for some and yet too quickly for others. It is time to take on more responsibility and if you ask for God’s help, you will receive it. He can help with your studies and the relationships in your family. Remember the Fruit the Holy Spirit has when you stop being in charge and let the Lord take over.

From your parents point of view, at times your are still their “little darling” and other times they want you to be more mature than you are ready for. They too are caught in unknown territory…letting you grow into the adult you are meant to be. Your patient attitude and flexibility (which the Lord can give you if you look to Him) will help everything go better. A kindly sense of humor is also huge. Learning how to communicate respectfully and honestly is key. We can’t have true exchange when we resort to anger and raised voices. Parents, especially single Moms, are depending on you and at the same time, watching you become your own person. It means you will be gone from them sooner than later. (When you were younger and shorter this thought wasn’t staring them in the face, but now that you’ve grown and they are watching maturity in your thinking and choices, the reality can’t be denied.) Your personal walk with the Lord is essential for a good and purposeful life. Getting a strong grip and understanding of God’s Word, his purposes and how He desires to lead you to fulfill his calling is all part of your passage to adulthood.

You have an exciting future that you will arrive at in God’s perfect time. Make it a goal to arrive there without regret. Choose your friends wisely. Make every temptation a victory for right. Don’t give your heart away. Consider all you are a treasure chest of pure gold nuggets. Don’t give away any of your gold until the one who is worthy of your love and commitment in marriage is presented to you by God.

If you have interests like sewing, wood or metal working, electronics, auto repair, sports, cooking, baking, remodeling, decorating, medicine, teaching or whatever….begin to pursue more knowledge and practice regarding it. Interact with all age groups. Become a hero to the little kids and also to the elderly. Be helpful. Make yourself aware of needs around you and don’t wait to be asked to help. Be there for your siblings and parents. It will not be long at all before you move on to adulthood and a life of your own. You will actually miss this time with family. Enjoy it now. Look for blessings in it. Give more and your will get more.