July 4th 2019

On the 243rd Birthday of America there was a most grand celebration on the Washington Mall in DC.  Don’t be discouraged by all the division, be proud and thankful for our unique heritage and the lives and sacrifices that have been given to provide our freedoms. A house divided against itself cannot stand (Mark 3:25) and it seems to me we won’t be the America we were intended if the other side succeeds. Each one of us can make a difference if we seek God’s mercy and might in prayer, personally standing for right and making informed choices as we vote. We cannot vote in ignorance or on emotion. Find independent news sources, the main media is against our greatness! To find truth and wisdom for the day, let’s turn back to the King James Bible and take God at His word…”Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD…” (Psalm 33:12(a)). Believe on the LORD JESUS CHRIST as your Saviour and “And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” Phillippians 4:7 You will know that peace no matter what happens as you rest in One who is Greater than ALL!

My time here in Fort Washington with my family has been a huge blessing. The weather is dramatic and changes from sunshine to rain back to sunshine almost everyday.  I love the trees and flowers, old houses and historic places. Many friends from three years ago are still active at GraceWay DC. I joined Toastmasters Intl to become a better speaker, they made me President!

From July 18th to the 23rd I will be driving a loop North and East to see friends in New England. August 29th I will drive toward South Carolina then on home to Las Vegas. Hope to see family and friends along the way!

Arrived Friday April 26th!

I am so pleased to say that the Lord kept me safe and well cared for all 3,000 miles from Idaho to Maryland. Great visits with dear friends. Sunshine & rain, spring blossoms and greenery popping out all along the way. We have an amazing country! So many were praying for me as I enjoyed the drive…just me and our Great God!

My suite in the Lundberg home is very nice with a private bath and a sitting room! I don’t plan to do much sitting here though, walking with the neighbors & April, Runners Club on Wednesday eves with GraceWay, seeing the sights with my granddaughters, Lucy & Alice, prayer on Saturdays at 7 PM on the steps of the US Supreme Court. My family loves their life here especially because of Pastor & Deborah Wells and GraceWay DC. I am thrilled to be back seeing what God is doing with this church so close to our nation’s capital. Brethren, let’s pray and trust that God is working His will through all that goes on here.

Time to drive to D.C.

My time in the beautiful Boise area is ending. By 9 AM Friday the 19th of April I intend to be on the road to Maryland to be with my daughter April and her family. Daughter Amber Joy and her family have spoiled me daily since arriving December 14th. I enjoyed a bit of snowfall this winter and now it’s spring. Wow, so many flowers have popped up from seemingly empty dirt! I have friends and safe places to stay along the route which will take me through South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York arriving late Friday the 26th. There I will stay till August enjoying family, seeing sights, visiting friends in New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey and especially D.C. If you are praying for my safety – Thank you! Pray too that I will be right where God wants me every moment of every day!

March has come as a chilly lamb….

Here we are in March already with my 71st birthday happening Monday the 11th. On that day I will be alone in my Toyota Highlander driving to Wenatchee, Washington. Patsy, my dear sister in the Lord and fellow guide at blind camp is joining me for dinner and an unrushed visit. Her family sent her to Israel as a Christmas gift and I want to hear all about it. Then it’s on to Seattle to spend three days each with my handsome brothers and their wives. I bought tickets to see “Patterns of Evidence – The Moses Controversy” On the 14th. My time here in Meridian, Idaho with Amber Joy and family has been such a pleasant, busy time. I am all better physically and even dentally! The kids have both been playing basketball and it’s neat to see the improvement of their teams. They moved into a new home at Christmas time and now Jason is moving to a new office location. It’s one adventure after another.

Mid January 2019

You might have thought I fell out or off or something since that over-sized kidney stone and no news. Truth is, I have just been wonderfully busy. Since my cancer is gone and only have the stone issue, I packed up my Highlander with everything a Gramma might need for eight months …toothbrush, make-up, sewing machine, fishing pole, blanket and pillows. December 14th headed North on I-15. Stopped for a day in St George, Utah where I visited with my #1 daughter – Annette and hubby, Charlie. Saw my first Granddaughter all grown up and her three kids – my only great-grandchildren. Then continued on through snowy Eastern Idaho safely arriving in time for dinner in Eagle just outside Boise. There I have a daughter, Amber Joy, her amazing husband and two grand kids, Aiden and Anna. I’ve promised them four months of unwavering enjoyment. So far we are off to a great start! My procedure for the stone – ESL (Extracorporeal Shockwave Lithotripsy) is scheduled for the 28th. The medical and dental care has been excellent! In late April I will drive across America the Beautiful to Ft. Washington, Maryland to be with another daughter from May to end of August, then home to Las Vegas through December. Hope to do this luxurious, loving travel till I “get the Dear John letter from the DMV” as Papa McKenzie once said. I hope to see and stay with friends and family along the way. It’s my fervent desire be a blessing and not a burden. Of course, I am always on duty for my Saviour and encouraging others to genuine faith in Him. He is my All in All and the Author of all my adventures. I thank Him daily for His gracious, good care of me.

Thanksgiving 2018

Time has flown since radiation was completed! I headed high speed into Medicare’s annual election period where I get busy helping clients find right plan options for them.. This lasts till December 7th. BUT I got stopped with a larger than wanted or needed kidney stone and spent 3 agonizing days in UMC hospital till they somewhat solved my problem. Pastor Mitch had a similar but worse event a week later. Even though we may look like normal the stones are going to be broken up and hopefully passed in some surgical procedures in a week or so. Seems like the BBC team has experienced too many of these stones. Thanksgiving is in our hearts all year long, as we so clearly see the grace, provision, wisdom, protection, strength, etc., etc., that our Great Almighty God has shown us alway. It is a blessing simply to know, truly KNOW the ONE to THANK!

I finished my Radiation!

Seven weeks worth of faithfully getting up at 6 AM (I am a night person), getting dressed and ready to drive to 21st Century Oncology for my treatments. They are easy but holding my arm in a certain way with a rotator cuff issue was torture. I finally got a system down to bear the pain and they were done with that area. So the last 2 1/2 weeks were a breeze. I miss those smiling lovely ladies who cared for me and gave the treatments.

Sailing along….

Thank you to all my cheering/praying friends. I am 16 days into my Radiation therapy with only 20 more to go. The hard part is holding a bum arm a certain way for at least 15 minutes. I lay with my eyes closed and my neck turned to my left, picturing travels, moments with family and friends, Pete and great times together…then I start to hurt so much I can’t think of anything. I go into it praying and strongly praying while I am there. Since I do believe God is extending His grace to me, I wonder how very gravely I would hurt if it wasn’t covered by our prayers.
THANK YOU so much. This is the ONLY suffering I have really had in my entire life. But, I frequently endeavor to pray for those around the world in all types of suffering states, asking God to save and minister to them in their need. I am not complaining about me…only just updating you on how it is going. Other than this many good things are happening…I have passed all my tests to be a super helper with Medicare for 2019. I have had special guests in the Parsonage, Bro Cliff and Linda Taylor, Dr Wm P. Grady, and now a blind friend from Circle of Love Bible Camp last May. He is here to see if the Lord would have him move to Las Vegas. Everyone I know out here is patiently waiting for the weather to cool and Fall to begin.

News that’s good to hear…

Oh my, what an education I have gotten since I first learned I had breast cancer. That news was delivered to me the morning before I spoke at Pastor’s school in Boise, August 22, 2017. My heart rests in the knowledge that I’m in God’s keeping and nothing comes to me without His permission and He will provide all it will take to glorify Him no matter what. Along the way I avoided Chemotherapy, took three wonderful trips with my daughters and grand kids, followed the advice of a precious breast cancer survivor who went the chemo, surgery and radiation route. (She is totally into the treatments that work naturally now.) Dr Paul Burnham in Diamond Bar Calif got me started on getting rid of toxins and building my immune system through correct alignment, exercise and supplements. Last January, I went to the Immunity Therapy Clinic in Tijuana for three weeks and learned even more about treatments that really work. Four months later I met the right surgeon, he took out the cancer, removed ten lymph nodes. Only one had cancer cells in it! In all these nine month the cancer had not grown or gone elsewhere. I am healing well and will soon talk to a Radiology Oncologist to see if that would a final action. I’ve learned how much we can do to keep cancer from rearing it’s ugly head; diet, exercise, strengthening our immune system, avoiding things cancer loves like sugar, easy carbs, lazy bodies. Lastly, many friends, brothers and sisters in the Lord, clients and others have asked our Great God to work in me So, the God of the Bible, who I trust and love totally has been gracious to give me more time and health to serve and shine for Him. Even if the answer was not this one, I would have shone for Him through it all. I have friends who are doing just that. May you, dear reader consider letting God have His way in you. The safest place in all of life is near His heart. “It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man.” Psalm 118:8

Surgery Update

I had the partial mastectomy on Friday, today is Monday. Two lymph nodes and the lumps of cancer were removed but it didn’t appear to the surgeon there was additional lymph involvement. I will know more after appointments June 11th. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS. OUR WONDERFUL GRACIOUS GOD IS TAKING CARE OF ME! I have many friends who need just as much prayer or more, how I trust they too see He is very involved in their struggles.