Happy 240th Birthday America!

Happy 240th Birthday America!
My friends, America is a Miracle. Our foundation is Unique among ALL other nations. Our forefathers were not without faults. However, they were thinking, educated, civil, wise entrepreneurs, AND nearly everyone of them acknowledged a Sovereign Creator God, that we are all subject to beyond any earthly government. It was in light of this truth they believed WE THE PEOPLE, citizens of this great land, could be entrusted with FREEDOM.
 a state declared religion.
 tyranny (oppressive – intrusive government in our daily lives)
 Equal Rights for All Citizens
 WORSHIP as they choose.
 OWN property & create business & industry
 Protect our Safety & Happiness
 Choose HONORABLE leadership
There has been a very great effort to detach us from our Sovereign Creator God, from the Greatness of our Nation and our Forefathers vision. Our Constitution is NOT OUT-DATED, it’s simply not being followed. We desperately need to get back to it. The same goes for the Bible. God is still speaking! Let’s get back to it!
“Our Help is in the name of the LORD, who made heaven and earth.”Flag & storm Psalm 124:8 KJV

Busy days ahead…

The dome is getting done!
The dome is nearly free of scaffolding!
My time here in D.C. is nearly over. My granddaughter, Ginny Lou and I plan to drive out of the city pulling a 5 x 8 U-Haul trailer on August 31st. GPS says we could be home in 27 hours but instead we’ll take our time seeing sights and friends along the 2500 mile journey. July 18th through August 2nd I will be home in Las Vegas to help shop and cook for Bible Baptist Church’s annual youth camp. I’m the head cook with a super team of helpers. For the past four years we’ve gone to Clear Creek Family Ranch just outside Zion National Park’s East gate. It will be nice and cool, green and fun to be with my church family. After my year away in Washington, D.C. I miss them all so much… better keep my hankie handy. From August 8th to the 20th I will meet up with Ginny Lou in Chicago and then fly with Couriers for Christ to Tallin, Estonia. We’ll help with a city wide campaign to share the Gospel. When we return to Chicago, we will take the train back to D.C. arriving August 24th. Then it’s packing and loading up. I have several Marines from GraceWay that would be happy to help load. They are America’s finest and serve at he White House, Arlington National Cemetery and various events at the Capital. It’s been my joy to be a ‘grandmother’ influence to them in the Lord.