Ginny at Capital (2)
Ms Ginny goes to Washington, D.C.- how did this come to be?

Perhaps you missed the news that on Sunday, October 5, 2014, my awesome Preacher/Husband had a large bleed in his brain right in a vital place. He had just started his Sunday School lesson when it happened. All those we love were right there seeing it unfold, the loving desperate care of his attending ‘Mighty Men.” We saw how quickly the paramedics came, the renown stroke care he was given at Valley Hospital in Las Vegas. But the location of the bleed and the size of it affected everything he was mentally and physically. Our “Pastor Pete” was likely gone in the first 15 minutes. The five days in the hospital spent with all of our kids, friends far and near and our BBC family drew so many together. His body took it’s last breath Saturday October 11th.

How thankful I am that his bleed didn’t happen while he was sleeping or on his motorcycle or ANYWHERE else except the pulpit he preached at faithfully for 26 years. How good God was to give a Pastor servant the desire of his heart…to die preaching! Everything he believed and encouraged us to believe straight from the KJV Bible is now a complete reality to him. I’m a little bit bothered that it wasn’t me who got there first, but I’m happy for him.

We planned a wonderful memorial service, voted our Youth Leader, Mitch Serviss to be our Pastor, had our regular services, monthly dinners, annual Christmas tea, Cookie Exchange, Men’s breakfasts, Teen Activities, did some remodeling on our Sunday School wing, our annual Missions Conference, went to Lighthouse Baptist Church’s Leadership Conference(39 of us), we had an A/C fire on the roof of the sanctuary, met outside under canopies for 4 weeks, had three funerals and one wedding, worked our annual money raising Fireworks Booths and then planned and went to Camp outside Zion National Park. It’s been a busy year.

Yours is probably similar if you are in the ministry. Serving the LORD is unspeakably blessed but at times exhausting. When you lose your right arm and strength of the team, it’s a bit much to carry on ‘as usual.’ The Lord knew what I was supposed to do next and he placed on my heart a willingness to wait and see his direction for my life. I sensed it would be helping some ministry somewhere, maybe even across the seas. In February, in San Diego at the Leadership Conference the Lord made it clear that I should consider helping Bro Brad Wells build GraceWay Baptist Church in our Nation’s capital.

In late May/early June the Lord confirmed that I should come to D.C. for 12 months beginning in August. A one bedroom apartment was secured. It is perfect for my needs, includes all utilities, a private parking space and is four blocks from the Hill Center where GraceWay is currently meeting. A Harris-Teeter grocery store is right around the corner!

I’m here to take a break from my full life on the church property in Las Vegas. Yet, as I am still on duty for the Lord, I have taken on new things for the His cause. One is this website…a long time desire of my heart. I can read and pray for hours without interruption. I’ve invited family and friends to stay with me and see D.C. so I am seeing the sights in order to be a well informed ‘Tour Guide’ when they do. ¬†Any takers?