Finally, some thoughts…

Fear has been used to divide our great nation. Every day entities all around us fan that spark of fear so it’s now a raging, consuming fire. I’m not afraid of the virus or variants, only the villains of our day who are maximizing our fear for nefarious purposes. Rays of reason are peeking through the foolishness but it’s smothered so in the mainstream media and tightly controlled social media, it’s hard to tell when it will topple the villains’ effort to destroy us from within. I’m prayerfully patient for truth to prevail.

May I ask, where’s YOUR faith? You can’t maintain a deep fear of all that’s happening and experience deep faith in our powerful God at the same time. They are polar opposites. Where are you looking for truth regarding Covid 19, treatments that work, lives changed for the worst by taking that jab? It’s out there but may take some digging. Download the EPOCH TIMES app for a start.

As nearly anyone I meet realizes in short order, I live and give encouragement. My advice for these days is simple: live in the moments, enjoy every person you get to talk with, have a ready smile, a loving listening ear and be kind. “Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.” (Colossians 3:16) The world needs God. His love, comfort, forgiveness all freely offered through his only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. Live to tell others this glorious good news,

Grand Canyon December 10, 2021

Are you confused?

It is somewhat difficult to tell what is really going on in our nation over many things. But let’s zero in on just Covid19. Recommendations by CDC don’t agree with non-political experts and doctors. Why is that? In Nevada we all are supposed to be wearing masks if we are accessing a business or services. Yet the wearing of masks is anti-social and many are missing out on the smiles or kind words of strangers we pass each day because, well, we can’t see the ‘who’ in the mask very well. Having conversations is even a bit harder. Just the sadness of this is sapping life from us. It is a mystery as to why we get to go into restaurants which are now nearly back to capacity but the poor staff is wearing masks and the guests get to remove theirs? We are not supposed to go to work or go out if we are not well so can’t we safely assume most are well? Another issue is that we try faithfully to wash our hands when we are out, say, at the mall or grocery store but many times the water is just a trickle, not warm enough to kill any germs and the soap is out. What good is that?

Covid19 got me in late January. My one symptom was a more than usual runny nose (I have constant allergies). Since nearly every symptom could be the feared virus you needed a test to verify positive or negative. I received the anti-body treatment (Did you know that even existed?)

My healthy, sons-in-law both suffered more with it and needed time and careful attention by their doctors to get them back to their wonderful selves. It was good they were not in Nevada because our governor did not allow Covid19 patients to be treated with hydroxychloroquine which helped them recover. (There is a saying that seemed to really apply to some leaders across the nation, “Give some people and inch and they think they’re a ruler.”)

Now it’s mid-May, 2021 and I am thankful that airports are filling up with travelers and airlines are taking us where we want to go! Last week I visited friends in Portland, ME, Glen, NH, Victor, and Batavia NY and at BWI airport! My family in Fort Washington, MD drove up to spend 20 precious minutes together between my flights. Seeing each other in person was so sweet. Soon I’ll fly to Boise, ID to be with a daughter and her family for five days. Glory! Makes me think of too many locked into their care facilities, not having seen their loved ones in person for over a year.

Early June, I’m taking my 14 year old grandson on a 15 day camping trip. We’ll hit open campgrounds winding north through Nevada, Utah, Idaho and arrive at Kalispell, MT just outside beautiful Glacier National Park. (Yes friends, your State and National Parks have been opening up some with limitations. Check online to see what those are but if at all possible let’s see and do what we can!) Five great days there seeing dear friends and one of our favorite evangelists, Dave Spurgeon, former Outlaw Biker. Then we’ll meander into Northern Idaho, Washington, back into Nevada and home. Wish you could tag along? Sorry, it’s my grandson’s turn to have me all to himself. I try to make memories with my amazing grandkids that are theirs alone. They will never forget this Gramma!

What have we learned…?

Things are finally, albeit slowly, opening up here in Nevada. Yet not as they were before and likely, never will be again. Imagine no buffets in our town known for some of the best in the world. COVID19 has certainly shown us what is important and what we can live without. If the hum of life as you knew it was a comfort, you might never really feel comforted again.

In my life, the comfort I have is given by the living God and the book he told holy men of old to write. In that book we call the Bible, God tells us just how unrighteous humans can be when they are in charge without restraint. Across the country we have been privileged to see power grabbing at an alarming rate. If it were not for our founding fathers’ declaration that we are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights, (life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness) it could have been the end of the America we know and love.

In our vulnerability due to the shutdown of our economy, the emotional toll of illness, isolation, death and fear, we are being attacked by anarchists showing all the world their hate for our nation. How thankful we need to be for a bold, clear speaking President and leaders across the country who stay faithful to our constitution, laws and moral principles. Freedom of speech should never have been protected when it included violence, looting, and property damage. Not sure what happened to penalties for treason, or even charging someone with treason. So much of it has happened in the last few decades.

So, again, what have we learned? There is NO hope of PEACE or RIGHTEOUSNESS without God. Get your King James Bible out and read about His sacrifice for our sin. God’s only begotten Son, Jesus Christ dying on a cruel cross for crimes WE committed…not Him, he never once broke ANY of God’s laws. His blood was shed to pay the price WE should have payed. He was buried, and then wonderfully resurrected! He did this in order to have loving, active, unbreakable relationships with his created beings, YOU and ME! He IS LOVE and RIGHTEOUSNESS. He has satisfying, joyous plans for us. He uses very effective and unique tools to teach us and carve us into people WE can be proud of and He can bless. His tools include studying the Bible, lessons learned through pain, suffering and everyday life. Taking time to gather regularly for worship and the preaching of His Scriptures. To stand united as Christians for the sake of getting the Gospel to others here and around the world. . These may not sound inviting to some because their lives are crammed with so much that doesn’t satisfy. Take it from one who wanted to be where the action in life was happening.

I found it in New York, Chicago, Denver, and Phoenix. It gave me many regrets, emotional pain and no lasting happiness. When I cried out to God, he lifted me from the miry clay of my own choices and placed me on a solid, loving ROCK, the Saviour of the World, the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the answer for ALL that is going on these days. In Him I want to learn the lessons I need. I don’t want any regrets when He brings the curtain down on this old world and calls me home to Heaven. If you aren’t ready, take time to consider what I’ve said. If you need to communicate with me, go to Your Prayer Requests via the Menu. I care and I will respond!

Where is the safe place?

The world is in its 9th week of extreme effort to minimize the effects of COVID19.  On the one hand our effort has worked, but soon lives may be lost due to isolation, lack of purpose, lack of necessary income, and other medical issues that have been indefinitely delayed because everything was focused on the pandemic. 

If you listed your fears right now, might they include your ability to sufficiently hand wash or sanitize, wear a mask faithfully enough to keep that unseen virus from entering YOU?  How about the mounting fears regarding your financial future?  Will retirement funds ever be recouped?  Will my job be open, will my company survive?  Even with all the financial changes to help us get through, will it be enough?  Great as America was doing she does have her limits.  When will it all hit THE WALL? 

Any families with cabin fever?  When can we go out in the Spring sunshine?  Get off on a camping trip to a National or State Park? When can we enjoy a night out in a restaurant without being reminded that there isn’t really any place we will feel safe again? 

The cleaning processes that are going to be requested by any business or church that is re-opening will be laborious and costly, yet will it even be sufficient to draw customers or attendees?  Is COVID19 testing accurate enough and will the immunizations be safe?  So many important questions from every angle.

Where is the SAFE place during a pandemic, geographical catastrophe, a grave injustice, loss of loved ones and other painful events in life?  My friends, it is only near the heart of God.  He created us for His good pleasure and wants to be involved in our lives, just as an earthly Dad wants from his children.  So often we think we can manage just fine without including God who many even foolishly deny he exists.  Our pride, willful ignorance and determined independence separate us from Him.  Yet God loved us and sent His only begotten Son, The Lord Jesus Christ, to pay the price for our sinful independence and give us the path to His heart. 

Jesus Christ came to seek and to save those who are lost… off on their own trail managing life with woefully inadequate tools against fear and death.  What can possibly comfort us right now during this very hard time?  God can!  Opening His book the King James Bible can!  He is waiting for you to let go of your independence so He can replace your fears with peace that passeth all understanding.  His comfort will be sufficient for all we may face in the future.  Won’t you let Him take over?  It’s so scary in the world without Him.  He loves us, knows what’s best, has forgiven us and rejoices to show us every day that HE IS – and graciously at work in the lives of those who choose to trust Him.  He’s waiting for YOU!

A Pause in our Normal…

The plans detailed in my previous post of March 9th were completely altered at a dizzying rate because of COVID19. I did fly to DC, see my family, celebrate my 72nd birthday, attend my Lone Star Toastmasters meeting at Hill Center on the 11th and then the major changes began. Time for adaptability and a united effort as we seek to curtail the devastating affects of an unseen, fast-moving enemy of all.

This is a time for following guidelines, precautions and even temporary commands by authorities. A time to be creative and resourceful with our families, supplies and communications. Maybe reconsider our priorities. We may have health one day and be ill or gone the next. More people are recovering from the virus than losing their life from it but it’s always good to be ready to face eternity. “For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” Romans 6:23 Have you received this gift of Eternal Life? Ask God to help you see your need of forgiveness and then receive this priceless precious gift. “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life.” John 3:16

Take time to realize that the only true help and comfort comes from Almighty God who knows completely our fears, our needs, our particular circumstances. Prayer is a privilege that He has given us and reading his comforting words in the Psalms & Proverbs of the Bible will do much more for us than watching the news. ‘The horse is prepared against the day of battle: but safety of of the LORD.” Proverbs 21:31

*All Scripture is from the King James Bible

Time to Fly!

Not driving but flying to DC on Tuesday March 10th returning to Las Vegas on the 24th. My family, the Lundbergs are helping me celebrate my 72nd birthday! In addition to the unknown, secret surprises my family has planned, I’ll be attending church at GraceWay DC on Thursdays at 6:30 PM also Sundays at 10 & 11 AM. My friend Pastor Brad Wells does an outstanding job of teaching from the Bible, the music is exceptional and so are my many friends who worship there. Saturdays at 7 PM there’s prayer & singing on the steps of the Supreme Court. I will also attend my LoneStar Toastmasters meetings at 7 PM on Wednesday the 11th and I’m one of those giving a speech on the 18th. Both GraceWay DC and the LoneStars hold their meetings at Hill Center, the Old Naval Hospital, a vibrant, historic place that I totally relish! On the 25th of March, I will fly to Boise for a very special young couple’s wedding returning home on the 31st. I think by then I will be glad to be back at my desk and settled in Las Vegas! Cheering for you!

Life has quieted…

It’s February 2020 and I’m feeling settled and happy in Las Vegas. That urging to get on the road is gone. Almost everyday is mine to use prayerfully, seeking to honor God and bring His encouragement to all I meet. I looked forward to these days for the many years that were always full of responsibility. My health and energy are good. Helping clients with Medicare is joyous. I love and appreciate living in the parsonage at Bible Baptist Church. This is where blessings abound! Currently I have a delightful family with me who’ve come from Treasure Valley Baptist Church in Idaho to serve with our leadership.

Events on the calendar include: A Spring Bible Conference with Evangelist, Ben Smoker April 19-22. Annual church camp July 27-31 in Prescott, Arizona. A Fall Bible Conference with Evangelist & Author, Dr Bill Grady, September 14-18. And BBC’s 55th anniversary will be celebrated October 17th & 18th. Sounds exciting doesn’t it? Come join us if you can!

The work of an insurance broker…

I’ve been a busy broker since October 15th when Medicare’s Annual Election Period began. It ends on December 7th. This is usually the only time beneficiaries can make changes and so I call it, ‘my busy selling season.’ I love helping with Medicare because it seems so complex and I make it easier to understand. My clients think I am a blessing but I value each one of them as an important blessing in my life. The photo was me dressed a little bit like ‘Cup Cake’ the birthday clown I used to be. For 8 hours a week I welcomed shoppers into our North Las Vegas Natural Grocers store. My purpose was to answer insurance questions. In doing so the Lord surrounded me with all the good things I am supposed to be eating to keep cancer from returning! He’s taking such good care of me!

Happily Home!

I arrived home about 8:30 PM Friday, September 6th. What a grand 12,500 mile, eight and a half month trip! Thank you for praying! I was never in an accident or even saw one happen! Many have wondered at my being alone but I was not really alone. My Saviour whom I love, was my guide, safe keeping, comforter and joy the entire time. Seeing His creation, connecting with friends, family and fellow servants in Idaho and Maryland, crossing the north Central states with special trips to the Northwest, Northeast and the Southern states was a joy. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer that big question mark hung over my future. I was caught up in doctor visits and treatments, then as I was regaining strength, experienced a huge kidney stone adventure! How thankful I am to enjoy such a trip before anything else creeps up on me! Today I am feeling fully well and ready to assist with Medicare decisions for 2020!

Headed home to Las Vegas