A Pause in our Normal…

The plans detailed in my previous post of March 9th were completely altered at a dizzying rate because of COVID19. I did fly to DC, see my family, celebrate my 72nd birthday, attend my Lone Star Toastmasters meeting at Hill Center on the 11th and then the major changes began. Time for adaptability and a united effort as we seek to curtail the devastating affects of an unseen, fast-moving enemy of all.

This is a time for following guidelines, precautions and even temporary commands by authorities. A time to be creative and resourceful with our families, supplies and communications. Maybe reconsider our priorities. We may have health one day and be ill or gone the next. More people are recovering from the virus than losing their life from it but it’s always good to be ready to face eternity. “For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” Romans 6:23 Have you received this gift of Eternal Life? Ask God to help you see your need of forgiveness and then receive this priceless precious gift. “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life.” John 3:16

Take time to realize that the only true help and comfort comes from Almighty God who knows completely our fears, our needs, our particular circumstances. Prayer is a privilege that He has given us and reading his comforting words in the Psalms & Proverbs of the Bible will do much more for us than watching the news. ‘The horse is prepared against the day of battle: but safety of of the LORD.” Proverbs 21:31

*All Scripture is from the King James Bible

Time to Fly!

Not driving but flying to DC on Tuesday March 10th returning to Las Vegas on the 24th. My family, the Lundbergs are helping me celebrate my 72nd birthday! In addition to the unknown, secret surprises my family has planned, I’ll be attending church at GraceWay DC on Thursdays at 6:30 PM also Sundays at 10 & 11 AM. My friend Pastor Brad Wells does an outstanding job of teaching from the Bible, the music is exceptional and so are my many friends who worship there. Saturdays at 7 PM there’s prayer & singing on the steps of the Supreme Court. I will also attend my LoneStar Toastmasters meetings at 7 PM on Wednesday the 11th and I’m one of those giving a speech on the 18th. Both GraceWay DC and the LoneStars hold their meetings at Hill Center, the Old Naval Hospital, a vibrant, historic place that I totally relish! On the 25th of March, I will fly to Boise for a very special young couple’s wedding returning home on the 31st. I think by then I will be glad to be back at my desk and settled in Las Vegas! Cheering for you!

Life has quieted…

It’s February 2020 and I’m feeling settled and happy in Las Vegas. That urging to get on the road is gone. Almost everyday is mine to use prayerfully, seeking to honor God and bring His encouragement to all I meet. I looked forward to these days for the many years that were always full of responsibility. My health and energy are good. Helping clients with Medicare is joyous. I love and appreciate living in the parsonage at Bible Baptist Church. This is where blessings abound! Currently I have a delightful family with me who’ve come from Treasure Valley Baptist Church in Idaho to serve with our leadership.

Events on the calendar include: A Spring Bible Conference with Evangelist, Ben Smoker April 19-22. Annual church camp July 27-31 in Prescott, Arizona. A Fall Bible Conference with Evangelist & Author, Dr Bill Grady, September 14-18. And BBC’s 55th anniversary will be celebrated October 17th & 18th. Sounds exciting doesn’t it? Come join us if you can!

The work of an insurance broker…

I’ve been a busy broker since October 15th when Medicare’s Annual Election Period began. It ends on December 7th. This is usually the only time beneficiaries can make changes and so I call it, ‘my busy selling season.’ I love helping with Medicare because it seems so complex and I make it easier to understand. My clients think I am a blessing but I value each one of them as an important blessing in my life. The photo was me dressed a little bit like ‘Cup Cake’ the birthday clown I used to be. For 8 hours a week I welcomed shoppers into our North Las Vegas Natural Grocers store. My purpose was to answer insurance questions. In doing so the Lord surrounded me with all the good things I am supposed to be eating to keep cancer from returning! He’s taking such good care of me!

Happily Home!

I arrived home about 8:30 PM Friday, September 6th. What a grand 12,500 mile, eight and a half month trip! Thank you for praying! I was never in an accident or even saw one happen! Many have wondered at my being alone but I was not really alone. My Saviour whom I love, was my guide, safe keeping, comforter and joy the entire time. Seeing His creation, connecting with friends, family and fellow servants in Idaho and Maryland, crossing the north Central states with special trips to the Northwest, Northeast and the Southern states was a joy. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer that big question mark hung over my future. I was caught up in doctor visits and treatments, then as I was regaining strength, experienced a huge kidney stone adventure! How thankful I am to enjoy such a trip before anything else creeps up on me! Today I am feeling fully well and ready to assist with Medicare decisions for 2020!

Headed home to Las Vegas

July 4th 2019

On the 243rd Birthday of America there was a most grand celebration on the Washington Mall in DC.  Don’t be discouraged by all the division, be proud and thankful for our unique heritage and the lives and sacrifices that have been given to provide our freedoms. A house divided against itself cannot stand (Mark 3:25) and it seems to me we won’t be the America we were intended if the other side succeeds. Each one of us can make a difference if we seek God’s mercy and might in prayer, personally standing for right and making informed choices as we vote. We cannot vote in ignorance or on emotion. Find independent news sources, the main media is against our greatness! To find truth and wisdom for the day, let’s turn back to the King James Bible and take God at His word…”Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD…” (Psalm 33:12(a)). Believe on the LORD JESUS CHRIST as your Saviour and “And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” Phillippians 4:7 You will know that peace no matter what happens as you rest in One who is Greater than ALL!

My time here in Fort Washington with my family has been a huge blessing. The weather is dramatic and changes from sunshine to rain back to sunshine almost everyday.  I love the trees and flowers, old houses and historic places. Many friends from three years ago are still active at GraceWay DC. I joined Toastmasters Intl to become a better speaker, they made me President!

From July 18th to the 23rd I will be driving a loop North and East to see friends in New England. August 29th I will drive toward South Carolina then on home to Las Vegas. Hope to see family and friends along the way!

Arrived Friday April 26th!

I am so pleased to say that the Lord kept me safe and well cared for all 3,000 miles from Idaho to Maryland. Great visits with dear friends. Sunshine & rain, spring blossoms and greenery popping out all along the way. We have an amazing country! So many were praying for me as I enjoyed the drive…just me and our Great God!

My suite in the Lundberg home is very nice with a private bath and a sitting room! I don’t plan to do much sitting here though, walking with the neighbors & April, Runners Club on Wednesday eves with GraceWay, seeing the sights with my granddaughters, Lucy & Alice, prayer on Saturdays at 7 PM on the steps of the US Supreme Court. My family loves their life here especially because of Pastor & Deborah Wells and GraceWay DC. I am thrilled to be back seeing what God is doing with this church so close to our nation’s capital. Brethren, let’s pray and trust that God is working His will through all that goes on here.

Time to drive to D.C.

My time in the beautiful Boise area is ending. By 9 AM Friday the 19th of April I intend to be on the road to Maryland to be with my daughter April and her family. Daughter Amber Joy and her family have spoiled me daily since arriving December 14th. I enjoyed a bit of snowfall this winter and now it’s spring. Wow, so many flowers have popped up from seemingly empty dirt! I have friends and safe places to stay along the route which will take me through South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York arriving late Friday the 26th. There I will stay till August enjoying family, seeing sights, visiting friends in New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey and especially D.C. If you are praying for my safety – Thank you! Pray too that I will be right where God wants me every moment of every day!

March has come as a chilly lamb….

Here we are in March already with my 71st birthday happening Monday the 11th. On that day I will be alone in my Toyota Highlander driving to Wenatchee, Washington. Patsy, my dear sister in the Lord and fellow guide at blind camp is joining me for dinner and an unrushed visit. Her family sent her to Israel as a Christmas gift and I want to hear all about it. Then it’s on to Seattle to spend three days each with my handsome brothers and their wives. I bought tickets to see “Patterns of Evidence – The Moses Controversy” On the 14th. My time here in Meridian, Idaho with Amber Joy and family has been such a pleasant, busy time. I am all better physically and even dentally! The kids have both been playing basketball and it’s neat to see the improvement of their teams. They moved into a new home at Christmas time and now Jason is moving to a new office location. It’s one adventure after another.